Buy a House on Gambole Road, SW17 — with a ‘Second Income Hack’

Firstly, why buy a house on Gambole Road SW17 and why should you want to?

Before we answer that, let’s start by asking the obvious question…

Where is Gambole Road?

Gambole Road is in Greater London, SW17 and falls under the governance of Wandsworth Council. And as well being fairly affluent, Wandsworth also boasts having one of the lowest council tax rates in England.

Okay, ‘but London is a big place’, I hear you asking.

So to clarify a bit more, if you’re wondering how far Gambole Road is from Central London the answer is approx. 5 miles in a South Westerly direction from the centre of London. The five keys areas are Wandsworth Town, Clapham, Balham, Putney and Tooting.

The ‘Second Income Hack’ as we call it at Gambole can work for any house, anywhere in the country. In fact it can literally work for any house or asset regardless of which country you are from or live in. Hop over to the gambole website to take a closer, more detailed look or ask questions.

Anyway, one day while doing random google searches instead of working, (I know, I know lol), we came across an interesting fact about the word ‘gambole’.

Apart from the fact that most people have never heard of the word or don’t know that it means simply the act of doing a ‘forward roll’ — we realised it has another quite unique distinction.

Gambole Road SW17 Map Wandsworth Tooting St. Georges University

There is only ONE Gambole Road in the entire U.K.

Yes. Gambole Road in Tooting, London SW17 is the only Road or Street in the United Kingdom by that name. Considering the hundreds of thousands of Streets and Roads in the entire nation — we think that’s a pretty cool fact.

Anyway, having a unique name isn’t the only reason to splash out an average of £590,000 on a house or apartment I think you’d agree. So let’s take a closer look at some details.

In 2019, there was only one house sold in Gambole Road at the price of £595,000 — although in the previous year the two houses sold in Gambole Road returned an average sale price of close to £670,000.

One Property Was Sold on Gambole Road in 2019

Flat B 30 Gambole Road, SW17 0QJ (Leasehold)


Sale date: 16th December 2019 Start a Low-Cost Business

Two Properties Were Sold on Gambole Road in 2018

5 Gambole Road, SW17 0QJ (Terraced Freehold)


Sale date: 28th February 2018

Flat 3 28 Gambole Road, SW17 0QJ (Leasehold)


Sale date: 11th May 2018

At the time of writing this post (February 2020), the highest priced property for sale on Gambole Road is £850,000.

It is worth noting the fact that the average property price across Greater London in general has dropped by about 15% — 17% because of the growing uncertainty around the knock-on effects of Brexit post January 2020.

Looking back historically to 2016 it can be seen that once again there were only two property sales with an average sale price of £508,000 — so regardless of the Brexit factor property prices on Gambole Road can be seen as upwardly robust.

Two Properties Were Sold on Gambole Road in 2016

8 Gambole Road, SW17 0QJ


Sale date: 19th August 2016 (Leasehold)

16B Gambole Road, SW17 0QJ


Sale date: 03rd June 2016 (Leasehold)

Gambole Road SW17 Wandsworth Grey Interiors From Homes

Okay, Now Tell Me About The ‘Second Income Hack’

Let’s take a practical scenario to illustrate our Second Income Hack method.

Say for instance you decide that Gambole Road and Wandsworth is the perfect location for you to buy a house. Time to crunch the numbers:

Average interest rate of 3.5% used

Minimum deposit calculated as 5% of the overall property value

Property Price: £590,416

Minimum Deposit: £29,520.80

Length of Mortgage: 25 Years

Monthly Repayment (Interest Only Mortgage): £1,722.05

Monthly Repayment (Repayment Mortgage): £2,955.76

Now, whether you are trying to accumulate the mortgage or making sure you can consistently make the mortgage repayments comfortably — a sizeable second income will definitely be useful. Get over to Gambole Second Income Hack to get the lowdown.

It’s a 6-Minute Read or thereabouts.

Gambole Road SW17 0QJ Map Wandsworth London

Keep reading: you’ll see why buying a property on Gambole Road could be perfect for you.

There are many factors that contribute to making that all important decision to purchase or rent, these could include local amenities, transport links and a general sense of community well-being to name but a few. Take a look at the official website for in depth information.

Below we have a short list to get you started:

Gambole Road — Useful Local Information

The Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London SW18 2PU

Telephone Number: 020 8871 6000

Nearest Underground Tube Stations to Gambole Road, SW17

Tooting Broadway (Zone 3)

Distance: 0.34 (km) or (0.21) miles

Colliers Wood (Zone 3)

Distance: 1.17 (km) or (0.73) miles

Tooting Bec (Zone 3)

Distance: 1.18 (km) or (0.73) miles

Haydons Road (Zone 3)

Distance: 1.19 (km) or (0.74) miles

Nearest Rail Stations to Gambole Road, SW17

Wandsworth Common Rail Station

Operated by Govia Thameslink Railway, Tooting area on The Victoria — Windmill Bridge Junction stretch of line.

Link to Timetables

Distance: 2.02 (km)

Balham Rail Station

Operated by Govia Thameslink Railway, Battersea area on The Victoria — Windmill Bridge Junction stretch of line.

Link to Timetables

Distance: 2.12 (km)

Imperial Wharf Rail Station

Operated by London Overground, Chelsea and Fulham area on the West London Line stretch of line.

Link to Timetables

Distance: 5.17 (km)

Brixton Rail Station

Brixton Rail Station is operated by Southeastern in the Dulwich and West Norwood area on the Victoria Lines stretch of line.

Link to Timetables

Distance: 5.57 (km)

We love tennis so we thought we’d serve up this random bit of information…

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum is only 2.9 kilometres from Gambole Road.

Gambole Road — Nearby Hospitals

St. George’s Hospital

Blackshaw Road, London SW17 0QT

Distance: 0.32 (km)

Telephone: 0208 672 1255

Springfield University Hospital

61 Glenburnie Road, London

Distance: 0.86 (km)

Telephone: 0203 513 5000

Nelson Hospital

Kingston Road, London

Distance: 3.24 (km)

Telephone: 0208 8296 2000

Parkside Hospital

53 Parkside, Wimbledon, London

Distance: 3.61 (km)

Telephone: 0208 971 8000

Gambole Road — Nearest Libraries

Tooting Library

75 Mitcham Road, London SW17 9PD

Distance: 0.59 (km)

Telephone: 020 8871 7175

Donald Hope Library

Cavendish House, High Street London, SW19 2HR

Distance: 1.24 (km)

Telephone: 020 8274 5799

Earlsfield Library

Magdalen Road, London, SW18 3NY

Distance: 1.08 (km)

Telephone: 020 8871 6389

Mitcham Library

157 London Road, Mitcham, CR4 2YR

Distance: 2.35 (km)

Telephone: 020 8274 5745


The ‘Second Income Hack’ method can be used to generate long-term income to acquire anything.

Thanks for reading and feel free to get in touch with us at




Gambole is a collection of thoughts and observations about life, love and money. The views expressed are mainly those of Gambole’s founder Barry

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Gambole is a collection of thoughts and observations about life, love and money. The views expressed are mainly those of Gambole’s founder Barry

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