Why Do People Hate Mondays? and, (Hint…) How to Change That Feeling

Do You Suffer From Monday Blues?

I’m old enough to vividly remember a song by the Boomtown Rats, fronted by sir, Bob Geldof — who later went on to set up Live Aid… anyway I digress.

The song was based on a woman called Brenda Spencer. She shot several people in 1979 and when police asked her why, she said: “I don’t like Monday’s”.


Now, thankfully most of us will only verbalise our dislike for the dreaded ‘Monday Blues’.

The reason why people hate Mondays is quite simple. We live for the weekend.

There are a lot of people sitting in classrooms (learning useless stuff) and offices (working on someone else’s dream) all day long, 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.

You see, Monday is the keyword there, the other one is… Friday!

Monday is when the weekend fun ends — and the boring stuff starts.

Friday is the day most people are waiting for (TGIF if you know what I mean) — and they’d rather be somewhere else doing something they actually enjoy and like.

This is the main reason why people hate Mondays.

Why do we hate Mondays and how to change that?

In an ideal scenario you will do what you want to do. You’d be pursuing your passion or simply spending your days doing leisure activities.

However since the world as we know it largely revolves around money. We often find ourselves doing jobs or work we’re not too excited about.

Stop hating Mondays — Instead, look forward to a new week.

As with most things it’s easier said than done. Here are a couple of things you can do to help you stop hating Mondays and actually start looking forward to a new week

  • Figure out what you want ?

What is your passion? Is it a specific career, perhaps sport or a hobby?

There is an interesting Japanese concept called Ikigai . Have a look as it may help you decide, if your career or business idea is feasible, or how feasible.

  • Make more time by mastering productivity.

We’re busy, and to be more precise (busy but not productive).

This is one of the reasons we often feel overwhelmed and lack satisfaction from the jobs we’re doing.

Working on your productivity best practices and habits. Figuring out what works for you is a good start. It’s not easy, but you gotta start somewhere.

To achieve any significant change in your circumstances, be it improving your career prospects or starting a side business will always require time.

And where do we find the time if we’re already working all day and come home tired every evening?

Well, the best way to start is to make a better use of the time we have by becoming more productive.

  • Look on the bright side.

It’s easy to focus on negatives, but this is not good for us. Whether is a boring job or pointless university lecture, always try to find some positives.

  • Reduce your negative debts and then get a job you enjoy

Maybe you are stuck in your boring, unfulfilling job and only looking forward to the weekend because you are weighed down with negative debt. Try something generating a positive side income as demonstrated here on the gambole website.

  • Start a Monday habit

Make every Monday a bit special by starting a new habit. Perhaps you could try making an extra effort and always dressing up. Put on something that makes you feel good.

In conclusion…

Make Monday and every other day like a Friday. Every day should be one of happiness and fulfilment with as little stress accumulation as possible.

Yes — we all have to earn money to eat and get us through this physical journey that we are on.

No — it doesn’t have to bring us displeasure by trading ‘5 days for 2’.

Create your own work / life balance and banish the Monday Blues forever.




Gambole is a collection of thoughts and observations about life, love and money. The views expressed are mainly those of Gambole’s founder Barry

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Gambole is a collection of thoughts and observations about life, love and money. The views expressed are mainly those of Gambole’s founder Barry

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